1. The Top Retirement States: Part 2

    In our most recent blog, we talked a little bit about some of the best retirement states. After you have invested in immediate annuities and have been saving for years, it is finally time to enjoy and get the most out of your retirement, whether it's in Orlando or somewhere else. So far, we have covered the top three states, including Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, but that’s not all. There are se…Read More

  2. Why doing Your Research Is So Important

    We have said time and time again that choosing the right annuity is extremely important to the success of your financial investment. You wouldn’t go out a buy a car without researching and test-driving it first, right? So, why would enter into a legal contract without doing your research and ensuring that it is a smart financial investment? You wouldn’t (at least we hope not). If you choose no…Read More

  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Annuities

    We just very briefly went over immediate annuities. We talked a little bit about what they are and how they work. While immediate annuities offer Orlando residents several advantages and benefits, there are also some disadvantages involved with investing in immediate annuities. Before you make any financial investment, it is always best to do your research in order to determine whether or not the …Read More

  4. What Are Immediate Annuities?

    Recently, we have been discussing different kinds of annuities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with each type of annuity. We last went over the advantages and disadvantages of investing in variable annuities. We are going to continue this series by going over immediate annuities and identifying how they might be a good investment option for you. What Are Immediate Annuities?…Read More