If you’re a baby boomer considering retirement soon, you may be looking into a fixed annuity. Having experienced the market turmoil and uncertainty of the past five years, we completely understand that you want investments that offer an element of stability and security. Here at Annuity Genius, we provide expert guidance and advice to ensure that you find investments that are safe and effective and that work for you!

When chosen carefully, annuities can protect you against outliving your money and protect against stock market volatility–features which are not available in traditional stock or mutual fund accounts. However, with his protection comes additional costs, restrictions and fees, which you have to review before considering an annuity purchase. Before you sign on with anyone, there are some questions you should ask.

  1. Will the insurance company selling me the annuity be able to make good on its promises? Remember, credit ratings matter. Consumers should be wary of purchasing an annuity contract sold from an insurer with less than an AM Best “A” rating, or purchasing any contract from a salesperson who is unable to provide an AM Best rating.
  2. How much will this contract cost annually, including all expenses? Annuity contracts are generally more expensive than mutual funds. The richer the guarantees carried by a contract, the higher the corresponding costs will be. Understand the exact purpose of each fee and compare fees across insurance companies before you purchase a variable annuity.
  3. If I invest $100,000 today, what will the contract value be in one year if the market increases, falls, or stays flat? This question is much trickier than it may appear. Our experienced team of financial planners will be able to help you with this question more in depth when you contact us.