Annuity Genius, was founded on the belief system that most annuities are not worthy of your investment consideration. There are over 800 insurance companies offering in excess of 10,000 different annuities available in the marketplace. From variable annuities to fixed annuities, Annuity Genius prides itself on being able to consistently identify the most competitive consumer based products in the industry.

What is a Fixed Annuity?
A fixed annuity is a fixed-income investment offered by an insurance company. Fixed annuities give investors a safe rate of return and a guarantee of principal on a tax-deferred basis. For investors’ peace of mind, fixed annuities are also backed primarily by government securities and high-grade corporate bonds. The underlying bond portfolios are managed as part of the insurance company’s general account.

Who should consider a Fixed Annuity?
Investors who want a steady stream of payments for life or for a specified number of years.

Will I still have access to my investment?
No, in exchange for guaranteed annuity income (for life or for a fixed period of time), you will no longer have access to your principal.

What guarantee do I have for my payments?
The product’s guarantee is subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

How often can I receive systematic payments?
You can choose to receive payments monthly or at another frequency.

Are payments taxed?
Yes, withdrawals and payments from annuities are taxed differently based on the type of assets used to purchase the annuity (qualified versus nonqualified). Please consult a tax advisor for information on how annuity taxation applies to your situation.