In one of our previous blogs, we mentioned how many variables and options have been added to your selection of annuities. Options may seem overwhelming, but this is really just a guarantee that you’re sure to find an annuity that suits you perfectly. The professionals at Annuity Genius will always provide you with guidance and information regarding your options with annuity, and in this post we are going to break down three of the benefits of investing in an immediate annuity.

What distinguishes an immediate annuity from other annuities are that the payments begin, as you may have guessed, immediately. When you invest in an immediate annuity you are converting a lump sum of money into a recurring payment for a certain amount of time or even for the remainder of your life.


As with every annuity, an immediate annuity provides you with security. Your payments begin as soon as you decide to invest in the annuity, allowing you to feel safe that your money will continue to provide.


Once you have finished the paperwork and your immediate annuity is entirely set up, that’s it. Immediate annuities are simple and require no work. Unlike the stock market, you don’t have to worry about managing stocks or recognizing what time of the year it is. Simple and consistent payments without the hassle!


All annuities provide you with a recurring payment system to help you manage the finances during retirement. Immediate annuities start your payments immediately. You don’t have to worry about waiting till the time is right or till your interest has built, this type of annuity is a fantastic option for individuals who are at the verge of retiring as is.

Annuity Genius will always provide the guidance that you need to determine that you are making the right choice in annuity. We take your best interest and goals and prioritize them so that you get the most out of your annuity. If you’re ready to ensure your financial stability, contact Annuity Genius today and talk to an expert about which options are best for you!