1. Extra Withdrawals From Your Annuity

    401Ks and other forms of retirement savings penalize you for withdrawals. A great benefit of investing in annuities is that you determine when they payouts begin when you sign your contract. One of the most frequently asked questions that the experts at Annuity Genius receives is how the withdrawal process work and if there are any types of penalties that can happen from withdrawing too often. We …Read More

  2. Is An Immediate Annuity The Annuity Product For You?

    In one of our previous blogs, we mentioned how many variables and options have been added to your selection of annuities. Options may seem overwhelming, but this is really just a guarantee that you’re sure to find an annuity that suits you perfectly. The professionals at Annuity Genius will always provide you with guidance and information regarding your options with annuity, and in this post we …Read More

  3. Myths About Retirement

    Retirement was an idea that came about during the Great Depression as a means of providing jobs for younger individuals with families to support. However, this idea has developed a much different meaning as the economy itself has developed. In 2008 when the recession came about, less and less people were able to retire, creating the “retirement crisis” that we’re still currently experiencing…Read More

  4. Annuity Genius Dispels Myths Concerning Immediate Annuities

    We work with a lot of annuities here at Annuity Genius, from variable and fixed annuities to the less understood immediate annuities, we've done all of our homework for you so that you don't have to. We speak to a lot of people who have many misconceptions about immediate annuities work. Today, we're going to dispel some of those myths so that you can get a better understanding of immediate annuit…Read More