1. Retirement Mistakes To Avoid

    Here at Annuity Genius, we know just about everything you could ever want to know about annuities. From┬ávariable annuities to fixed annuities, Annuity Genius prides itself on being able to consistently identify the most competitive consumer based products in the industry.┬áDo you ever feel that just about everyone has a piece of advice about how to plan and save for the perfect retirement? The fa…Read More

  2. Breaking Down Variable Annuities

    In our most recent blog, Fixed Annuities and Their Benefits, we discussed the benefits of investing a fixed annuity. A fixed annuity, however, is not the only type of annuity that is available to you. Variable annuities are another annuity option to residents in Florida who are preparing for retirement. Variable annuities are much different from fixed annuities and they can get somewhat complicate…Read More