1. Optional Riders On Variable Annuities

    Investing in a variable annuity can provide you and your family with a secured income after you retire. When you invest your finances in a variable annuity you are counting on this income, so you’re likely curious as to what will happen if you make this investment and pass away. In a few of our blog posts we’ve touched on the necessity of having a death beneficiary when you sign your agreement…Read More

  2. What To Consider Before Purchasing A Variable Annuity

    Variable annuities are the highest selling annuity product. However, this doesn’t mean that every variable annuity product will be a good one. Knowing the difference, and what to look for as you invest in a variable annuity, can help you confidently make the right decision in your investment. The first step that any investment in annuity should begin with is by talking to an annuity expert and d…Read More

  3. Who Should You Purchase Your Annuity Through

    Signing an annuity contract can be stressful, intimidating, and downright overwhelming. You are trusting someone you’ve never met to do you right with your money so that you can successfully plan for your future finances. A question that you might frequent is who you should trust with your investment: a financial advisor or the insurance company. There are pros and cons to each of these options.…Read More