1. Deciding On An Annuity

    When annuities were first introduced, the concept was simple, after one payment to an insurance company you were to receive regular payments for the remainder of your lifetime. Now, annuities have developed and expanded to create options to better suit the individuals investing. With each of the different annuity products comes a variety of benefits, making the process even more difficult. Simplic…Read More

  2. What You Don’t Know About Life Insurance

    Life insurance becomes a more prominent part of your life as you age, and for good reason. Being financially prepared for your death can be morbid, but it’s necessary if you want to take care of your family. Annuities are another fantastic way to take care of your family by providing guaranteed checks even after you’ve passed. Annuity Genius has decided to dive deeper into the expectations peo…Read More

  3. What’s The Average Contract Cost Annually?

    When you talk to a financial expert about your investment in an annuity, the perks continue to add up. The team at Annuity Genius wants to make sure that you don’t over think the benefits of this investment in your financial future by helping you understand what it is that you’ll be contributing to the process. We have broken down what the average annuity will cost annually, but remember, this…Read More

  4. What Are Your Retirement Goals

    Something that is said frequently is that there’s no means of achieving enough finances to comfortably live through retirement, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With proper planning and a goal in place, it’s definitely possible to achieve a successful retirement. In some of our previous blogs we’ve talked about the pros and cons of saving options, but today we are going to dive deeper…Read More

  5. Annuity Genius Is Giving You The 411 On Hybrid Annuities

    With all the different types of annuities, we understand that you can be overwhelmed when trying to plan for your future. In general, hybrid annuities combine the benefits associated with a deferred annuity with those of an immediate annuity. You may be hearing more and more about hybrid annuities recently and we're here to help you understand them a bit more. A hybrid annuity is an insurance com…Read More