1. What Do Annuities Offer That Other Retirement Options Don’t

    Annuities are one of the less common options that are brought up or known about. Not being interested in an annuity should never be because of a lack of knowledge, because while these products are less common than a 401K or IRS, they provide a lot of options that other retirement plans don’t offer. Annuity genius is certain that there is an annuity product that is suitable for your retirement go…Read More

  2. What Are Your Retirement Goals

    Something that is said frequently is that there’s no means of achieving enough finances to comfortably live through retirement, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With proper planning and a goal in place, it’s definitely possible to achieve a successful retirement. In some of our previous blogs we’ve talked about the pros and cons of saving options, but today we are going to dive deeper…Read More

  3. Annuities vs. 401K

    It’s easy to long for the days of retirement, but it’s difficult to prepare for it. The options of creating a fund for retirement are constantly expanding, so it’s important that as you prepare, you know the options you have for your financial security. One of the best ways to build your savings is through personal investments that allow for your money and savings to grow over time. The more…Read More

  4. Annuity Genius Is Giving You The 411 On Hybrid Annuities

    With all the different types of annuities, we understand that you can be overwhelmed when trying to plan for your future. In general, hybrid annuities combine the benefits associated with a deferred annuity with those of an immediate annuity. You may be hearing more and more about hybrid annuities recently and we're here to help you understand them a bit more. A hybrid annuity is an insurance com…Read More